Meet Heidi

In August 2016, my husband and I were blessed with a healthy young boy named Charles.We had no idea what the next couple of months entailed for us.


Living a healthy life had always been something that was important to me but being faced with this new concept of motherhood and sleepless nights I had no idea how to manage both. I struggled with mood swings, crying uncontrollably and constant anxiety. Long story short, I was a mess! I knew that getting back to exercise was something that I needed to do not only for my physical health but more importantly my mental health, but I had no idea how to even start.


Twelve short months later, I had to go back to work teaching high school math and Charles went to full time daycare. I had all but forgot about my health. The next two years were a blur; work, home, bed, wake up, work, home bed. Mix in a little extracurricular time with the husband and we welcomed another little bundle of joy, Aubree Grace, in June of 2019.


Now I was faced with a new challenge; two kids! Yikes! And of course my health. I searched and searched for fitness classes that allowed for two kids but always found a “baby and me” class or a “parent and tot” class where both couldn’t attend at once. How was this possible? Physical and mental health being at the forefront of my mind I was determined to change this.


So here is where the concept Fab Fit Fam was developed! Busy parent fitness classes that allow you to bring your children with you, no more need for babysitters!


Best of all, you don’t have to pay additional fees for your kids to come with you! They’re free!!! Show your children that sweat, hard work and a small community of friends is all you need to be happy!



Fitness Qualifications

  • Personal Training
  • Group Fitness Instructor
  • Nutrition and Wellness Trainer
  • CPR/First Aid Certification
  • Level 1 Coaching – Gymnastics

Educational Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Arts and Science
  • Bachelor of Education
  • Masters of Mathematics
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