Postpartum Initiative – 4 weeks FREE

Becoming a new mom is one of the hardest accomplishments out there. So this is for all the hard work you do. Receive 4 weeks of FREE classes if you are between 8 – 20 weeks postpartum. No obligation just safe fun exercises to get you support, inspiration and out of the house!

Online/At home Personal Training

In a rut? Don’t know where to start?

Personal training programs geared towards not only getting your life back on track, but on track to a healthier, more energetic life! If you want to have more energy, become a stronger individual and boost your metabolism, contact me today for a personalized 28 day Fitness program you can do AT HOME, with or without your little ones right beside you!

Nutritional/Wellness Coach

“If it fits your macros” provides you with everything you need to take your body back; no diet, no trick, no fads, just simply whole food meal planning without the guilt! A lifestyle program based on calculating your body’s needs from macro-nutrients; a balanced nutrition plan where there are no “off limit” foods! Feel better, sleep better, Mom better!


“Fit and Fabulous in 8 weeks!” An 8 week program set up to support your success through personalized accountability; persistence, consistency and versatility is what this all encompassing program provides you.

Drop in Classes

If you are unsure of your commitment or schedule, purchase a punch card and drop in to any class at any time. Quick, easy, no commitment!

Price Lists

Online Personal Training


For the price of a Skinny Caramel Macchiato a day you can have a full month of personalized workouts, email/text check ins and have access to me anytime you need me!!!

Personal Training

300 – 10 sessions

Now this is dependent on our schedules and little ones but these are personalized work outs in your home where I come and help you, either work out beside you for motivation or hang out with the little ones! Whatever is going to make it easier for you! If you don’t have a home gym, you can come to my house or we can hit up a local gym together.

Wellness and Nutrition Coaching

299 – 12 weeks – Nutrition Only

Everything you need to get your food life back on track! Grocery lists, weekly menus and recipes galore! Simple, quick and family friendly to bring healthy back to the forefront of our lives. Weekly discussions about progress, setbacks and challenges. Measurements taken at the beginning and end.

429 – 12 weeks – Plan A

Grocery lists, menus with recipes just like the nutrition only option PLUS a weekly group workout session where we HIIT it and go! Choose from any of the weekly sessions.

589 – 12 weeks – Plan B

The BEST VALUE by far! Everything from Plan A with an extra workout session! That’s only $12 per class! Such an amazing deal to get you and the little ones out of the house at least twice a week!

8 week Bootcamp


2 months, 8 weeks, 56 days, 1344 hours, 80 640 minutes! The time it takes to make a legitimate change in lifestyle. Only 20% of the time it took to cook the little one. Three workouts per week that will leave you motivated, energized and healthier! You choose which days and which classes.

Drop in Class Passes

Unlimited – 170 (Best value)

4 classes – 60 (15/class)

8 classes – 110 (13.75/class)

12 classes – 155 (12.90/class)

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